Giorgio Busi Rizzi

Giorgio Busi Rizzi is a BOF post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Literary Studies, with with a project currently called Experimental digital comics: forms and functions. . He obtained his PhD from the Universities of Leuven and Bologna, focusing on nostalgia in graphic novels.

His current project examines the way digital comics experiment with the possibilities offered by their format. This includes reflecting on the forms that can be adopted in the digital environment once the page format is no longer a constraint, and investigating their specificities for what concerns their multimodality, immersion, and interactivity. The main hypothesis is that experimental digital comics try to take full advantage of the possibilities provided by the digital medium, while at the same time working to maximize the reader participation and involvement.

Giorgio also teaches the seminars for the English Literature 1 course, which introduces students to literary analysis in English prose, drama, and poetry.