Reading children in comics (4/30/2021)- New article by Maaheen Ahmed published in the trend-setting journal Children's Geographies, articulating a sociohistorical mapping of children in comics: "This article seeks to map a social history through examining children and ‘childish’ or child-like drawing styles, and hence the… Read more
Кибик °2 — Jommeke in Griekenland (4/30/2021)- Michel De Dobbeleer has a new blog post about Jommeke in Greece, over at the Balkanknipsels blog, reflecting on the reading out loud of comics to children and the educational potential of the comics series to learn about other cultures.… Read more
Doctoral Schools Course on Text, Image, Sound (4/27/2021)- COMICS members are involved in the 20cc Doctoral Schools course on Text, Image Sound: Intermedial Crossings starting this Wednesday! Interested in individual lectures or reading groups? Please contact Read more
Interview about Iberian comics (scholars) network (4/18/2021)- Conferences are fertile ground for networking. The European Research Council supports COST actions to promote fruitful, professional bonds and networking. iCOn-MICS is one such action (CA19119). It aims at bringing together all who are involved in comics and graphic novels… Read more
Kids’ comics in the 1970s: Nicole Claveloux’s insufferable characters (3/24/2021)- New outreach article on 9e kunst by Benoît Crucifix about the French illustrator and cartoonist Nicole Claveloux's comics in the children's magazine Okapi in the 1970s. The article considers the interplay between comics and picture books, and the playful self-reflexivity… Read more
Summer school “Ricerca a Fumetti” (3/16/2021)- Our colleagues Giorgio Busi Rizzi and Eva Van de Wiele are hosting at Ghent University an Italian-language summer school Ricerca a fumetti: generi, forme, declinazioni from July 12 to 15, 2021. The call is open until May 1st. Read more
Comics Picturing Girlhood Symposium (2/16/2021)- Comics have long relied on reinforcing reader identity formation whether through interest, age group or hobbies. Constructed and largely mythical notions of gendered readership consequently became key aspects of many of these comics. As gendered products, comics have constructed feminine… Read more
Interview with Valentine Gallardo & Mathilde Van Gheluwe (2/16/2021)-       As part of the Comics Picturing Gilrhood international symposium, Eva Van de Wiele and Benoît Crucifix interviewed two cartoonists trained in Ghent and based in Belgium, Mathilde Van Gheluwe and Valentine Gallardo (who drew the poster for… Read more
Кибик °1 — Jommeke in Romania (2/10/2021)- Michel De Dobbeleer has a new blog post about Jommeke and Houdini in Romania, over at the Balkanknipsels blog. Questions about what makes a fitting decor for a comics for children, in changing political times, and mixing up various records… Read more
Strong Bonds (12/11/2020)- Click here to download book: ACME_6_Strong Bonds Snoopy and Charlie Brown, Calvin and Hobbes, Tintin and Snowy… comics are home to many memorable child and animal figures. Many cultural productions, especially children’s literature and cartoons, stress the similarities between children and… Read more
Advertising and Children’s Comics (12/11/2020)- The latest issue of H-ermes features an article in Italian by Eva Van de Wiele, "Sedurre a tavola: confini mutati tra pubblicità e fumetti per bambini," about the long history of comics and advertising relationships, as a brief archeology of… Read more
Eco-citizenship within contemporary comics for children (12/7/2020)- New article published by Dona Pursall in the latest issue of Closure, about eco-citizenship in contemporary comics for children, looking at Acquicorn Cove by Katie O’Neill and Hilda and the Black Hound by Luke Pearson. "Drawing from the premise that… Read more
Call for Papers — Comics On the Outside (12/3/2020)- / Bandes dessinées hors-champs 3-4 juin 2021, Université libre de Bruxelles   In his doctoral dissertation La Bande dessinée et son double, Jean-Christophe Menu puts forward the notion of a “corpus hors-champ de la bande dessinée” to describe “an entire corpus of… Read more
Graphic Attractions in TBO (11/23/2020)- The Spanish comics studies magazine Cuadernos de Comics has published Eva van de Wiele’s detailed study “Las atracciones gráficas de Méndez Álvarez en la phase foraine de TBO (1917-1928)" (English title "Méndez Álvarez’ graphic attractions during TBO’s phase foraine"), which… Read more
Comics and Novelizations for the Youth (10/5/2020)- Benoît Glaude and Laurent Déom have just released a collective volume on novelizations for the youth, looking at various literary adaptations of comics, films, manga, animation, and other media. They look at a specific and vibrant editorial sector, in which… Read more
Alain Van Passen collection (9/17/2020)- The latest issue of Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society includes an article by Maaheen Ahmed on the Alain Van Passen comics collection, recently acquired by Ghent University, as part of the COMICS project. Covering publications from the… Read more
Children in Graphic Novels (7/15/2020)- Maaheen Ahmed's article "Children in Graphic Novels: Intermedial Encounters and Mnemonic Layers" has been published in the latest issue of the open-access journal Etudes francophones. The article fleshes out the notion of media memory (building on previous work) in connection… Read more
Petit Poilu : les grandes questions ne sont pas réservées aux grands lecteurs (7/13/2020)- We publish here the French version of an article by Benoît Glaude published in Dutch as part of our series "Kinderen en strips cultuur-historisch in kaart gebracht" at 9eKunst   Un auteur peut-il s’engager artistiquement et politiquement dans une bande… Read more
Children and Comics: A Cultural Historical Mapping — @9eKunst (7/10/2020)- As part of our public outreach activities, we are publishing a series of articles on the popular comics website 9eKunst, available in Dutch here. We will be making available the original versions of our articles, when written in English or French.… Read more
Call for Papers — Comics Picturing Girlhood (7/9/2020)- Sugar and Spice and the Not So Nice: Comics Picturing Girlhood International Symposium 22- 23 April 2021   Download the call for papers. Comics have long relied on reinforcing reader identity formation whether through interest, age group or hobbies. Constructed and… Read more
COMICS Lectures at De Krook (11/1/2019)- It's finally time to think more about, and with, comics! The Comics Lectures series is a thematically open set of talks by renowned comics scholars. It offers a platform for international researchers to introduce their latest research activities to a… Read more
#MoonLanding50 (7/19/2019)- Almost 50 years after the first landing on the moon, my favourite girl on the moon: Antonio Rubino's Viperetta, il mio sbarco sulla Luna prediletto #MoonLanding50 #COMICSUGent— Eva Van de Wiele (@Eva_vdw) July 19, 2019 Read more
Queering Comics (7/3/2019)- Great workshop on Queering Comics by Dona Pursall #COMICSUGent @childrensliteraturesummerschool @UAntwerpen— Eva Van de Wiele (@Eva_vdw) 3 de julio de 2019 Read more
Plenary lecture on sticky stereotypes (7/3/2019)- We are at the Summer School on Children's Literature at the University of Antwerp this week. Maaheen started today with a captivating, fully citational lecture on the practices of othering in comic strips and advertisements. Read more
Abstract Comics by Andrei Molotiu (7/2/2019)- I'm curious: how do my Twitter friends interpret this? Great workshop by @philnel at @Children'sLiteratureSummerSchool at Antwerp Summer University.— Eva Van de Wiele (@Eva_vdw) 1 de julio de 2019 Read more
CartoonsFestivalKnokke (7/2/2019)- Discovered @oleismos at #cartoonfestivalKnokke. Here are some personal highlights, also a great cartoon for #MadridCentralEsSalud by Thiago— Eva Van de Wiele (@Eva_vdw) 30 de junio de 2019 Read more
II Congreso Internacional de Estudios Interdisciplinares sobre Cómic 15- 16 y 17 de mayo de 2019 (5/18/2019)- Dona Pursall y yo fuimos al segundo congreso internacional sobre cómic organizado por la universidad de Zaragoza para proponer nuestras comunicaciones. Yo me enfoqué en los usos del motivo narrativo de la metamorfosis en el TBO (1921-1932) y Dona presentó… Read more
Zine happening Gent 11-12 mei 2019 (5/11/2019)- Ook morgen nog zine happening Gent, met @federicabellomi van Materia Degenere, the lovely @g_molist & the delightful Cecilia Valaguzza, thanks @lesvoizinesgent #Stripgids #stripgilde— Eva Van de Wiele (@Eva_vdw) 11 de mayo de 2019 Read more
Nancy’s Labor Day (5/1/2019)- Reading How to read Nancy by Karasik and Newgarden (2017 : 243) and discovering this labor day strip 1 mei, dag van de arbeid— Eva Van de Wiele (@Eva_vdw) 1 de mayo de 2019 Read more
Se vai a Venezia, ricordati di Corto Maltese (4/30/2019)- Venezia, da oggi, la visiterò sempre seguendo gli incantevoli itinerari di Corto Maltese #cortosconto— Eva Van de Wiele (@Eva_vdw) 16 de abril de 2019 Read more
Stripgids reikt Scriptieprijs uit (4/30/2019)- .@Stripgids proudly presents: de eerste #Scriptieprijs voor strips! Faites vos jeux... @acme_research @GertMeesters @FlandersLit @ugent @UGentMemorie @UAntwerpen @VUBrussel @ULBruxelles @UniversiteLiege @LUCASchoolofArt @KU_Leuven @UNamur— Roel Daenen (@RoelDaenen) 3 de abril de 2019 Read more
TBO cumple 102 años (3/11/2019)- TBO cumple 102 años hoy, lo celebro compartiendo algunas de mis cosas favoritas: jeroglífico de Urda, influencia de Darwin y Pinocchio y mi preferido (cón colores infantiles): Méndez Álvarez— Eva Van de Wiele (@Eva_vdw) 11 de marzo de 2019 Read more
Les ateliers du texte et de l’image (2/26/2019)- @COMICSUGent à Liège aujourd’hui pour visiter les ateliers du texte et de l’image, fondation Michel Defourny et merci a la merveilleuse Brigitte Van den Bossche pour montrer des livres des années ‘30, a @Phylacterium pour nous parler de Saint-Ogan et… Read more
Beatos, Mecachis, Percebes. Miles de años de tebeos en la biblioteca nacional de Madrid (1/29/2019)- BeatosMecachisPercebes You missed the exposition at the National Library in Madrid? No problem! We got the opportunity to visit the exhibition with the curator Enrique Bordes who led us professionally through the 10 cabinets displaying the most wonderful strips. ¿No… Read more
110 years of Corriere dei Piccoli in Milan (1/19/2019)- Watch Eva's interview with Alberto Brambilla at the Milan WOW Spazio Fumetto on Corriere dei Piccoli InterviewWowSpazioFumetto   Thanks to Prof. Matteo Stefanelli, one of the members of my Doctoral Advisory Committee, I got in contact with Alberto Brambilla, comic… Read more
Meet Fondazione Tancredi di Barolo (12/28/2018)- When I spent my Erasmus some years ago in Turin, I fell in love with the city. Thanks to a friend I discovered the wonderful Museo della Scuola e del Libro per l'Infanzia, in short MUSLI. The museum consists of… Read more