Workshops on Italian fumetti at Sint-Lievenscollege Ghent

October 2020

PhD student Eva Van de Wiele introduced fifteen-year-old pupils of Sint-Lievenscollege to the wonders of (Italian) comics.

Watch this video for a brief recap of the three workshops.

This folder gives an overview of the three workshops, the primary bibliographical sources used and the reponsible persons.

Picture of the overview of the three workshops


“Multi is more. Towards Multiliteracy and media awareness in the Flemish Classroom Through Comics” (Eva Van de Wiele, Michel De Dobbeleer, Mara Santi)

Data-set of our chapter:

  • The glossary (Dutch) we handed out to the pupils after workshop 1 drew laregly from Jan Baetens, Pascal Lefèvre’s, Strips anders lezen, Amsterdam, Sherpa, 1993. 
  • The reading list

  • To evaluate the workshops:
    • we ended the third workshop with a Kahoot; 
    • we presented the teachers with the following questionnaire. Their answers can be found here.

We would like to thank the Embassy of Italy in Belgium,  Società Dante Alighieri Gent, Cecilia Valagussa, the SInt-Lievenscollege and its teachers Laurent Florizoone and Lieven Van den Weghe for the  fruitful collaboration.