SnIF: Italian research group with 2 COMICS members

SnIF unites early career researchers interested in studying and investigating Italian comics from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Its members are Dr. Dario Boemia (IULM Milano), Dr. Lorenzo Di Paola (Università di Salerno, Universita di Messina), Dr. Nicoletta Mandolini (Universidade do Minho), Alessia Mangiavillano (Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations University of Coventry, Dr. Giorgio Busi Rizzi (Universiteit Gent), Dr. Carlotta Vacchelli (Biblioteca Hertziana di Roma), Lisa Maya Quaianni Manuzzato (Communications Manager Wow Spazio Fumetto Milano), Eva Van de Wiele (Universiteit Gent).

Dr. Giorgio Busi Rizzi and Eva Van de Wiele presented their research on Italian woman comics artists during a virtual symposium organized by editors of Simultanea.

You can now watch the whole symposium here. Giorgio’s talk starts after 1 hour and 18 minutes, Giorgio partners up with Dr. Nicoletta Mandolini to discuss different theories of love and close read three comics. Eva discussed the investigation she did with Maya Quaianni Manuzzato on female comics artists born after 1980. They present the findings of their survey and close readings of some 21 contemporary fumettiste: