The Comics Reader and the Neoliberal Novel

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, vol. 1 no. 7, January 1983

“The Comics Reader and the Neoliberal Novel: Contemporary Debates on Cultural Value”, talk by Christopher Pizzino

Tuesday 5 July at 2 PM — Library Lab Magnel (Faculteitsbibliotheek Letteren en Wijsbegeerte)


Many different constituents seem unhappy with comics in the United States, from literary critics who dismiss them as neoliberal to fans who attack them as too “woke.” But where are these discontented readers located, where are comics in relation to literature, and can we find better ways to read comics–as fans and as critics–in the neoliberal era?

Christopher Pizzino is Associate Professor of Contemporary US Literature at the University of Georgia, and Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of English at George Mason University. He teaches literary and genre theory, image theory, comics studies, and various genres of contemporary fiction, film, comics, and television.


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