The Jaume Rumeu Collection

Dona Pursall has contributed an essay to this recent collection of Jaume Rumeu’s work in Misty.

A brand new showcase from the Treasury of British Comics brings the stunning work of a Spanish master artist back into print after more than forty years! The Jaume Rumeu Collection includes four terrifying tales from the pages of the legendary Misty, the late ’70s supernatural horror comic book marketed for girls. Also known as Homero, Jaume Rumeu Perera brought his flare for the intoxicatingly to British comics, with macabre stories full of black widows, femme fatales, mad scientists and giant spiders. One of the unsung masters of British horror comics, this collection celebrates his timeless talent and is a must have for fans of great comic book art. To further celebrate, this collection contains five short essays by celebrated academics Julia Round, Ian Horton, Geraint D’Arcy, John Miers and Dona Pursall. The short essays are an accessible introduction to Misty, Jaume Rumeu’s technique, and the wider field of Comics Studies, and are an excellent starting point for those wanting to know more about British girls’ comics, as well as starting to think critically about the comics medium.