From Private to Public

Photo: Nachy Dubrana

What do you remember from your readings?

“Everything,” seems to be Alain’s answer. Over six decades, his Brussels home has been transformed into a depot. The maze of stacks and shelves is so dense that it is difficult to access the various rooms. To peruse the collection, a simple phone call suffices, and Alain welcomes you in short-sleeved shirts—regardless of the season—in his living room. This anteroom gives absolutely no clues as to the nature or the size of his comics collection. Nothing is computerized and Alain is the only/sole search engine. Helping, guiding and correcting his visitors, the retired teacher is generously shares his knowledge, sources, and contacts. Aware of his ephemerality, Alain eventually accepted to let go of his findings/comics and helped to put them in boxes. This publication accompanies the collection’s move from the private sphere to the public one.