A new article on the Van Passen collection!

Prof. Hugo Frey, affiliated member of the COMICS team, has recently discussed the Van Passen collection in a new entry of Paper Trails, the BOOC (living online book) edited by University College London Press and dedicated to “The Social Life of Archives and Collections”.

Prof. Frey detailed the acquisition and curation of Alain Van Passen’s “enormous personal collection of predominantly, but not exclusively, Francophone comics” by Prof. Ahmed, and explore its holdings, now “preserved in over 700 box files” and comprising “comics from much of the twentieth century, with some core emphasis on the long period of 1940–80”, making it, in Prof Frey’s words, “one of the key sites of comics research for twenty-first-century scholarship”.

You can read the whole article here: https://ucldigitalpress.co.uk/BOOC/Article/3/125/ .